Communication, Coordination und Security for People with Multiple Sclerosis (COCOS-MS)

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A randomised controlled phase II clinical trial

Project lead: Prof. Dr. med. Heidrun Golla, Assistant Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Warnke (Co-Project lead)

Department of Palliative Medicine: Prof. Dr. med. Heidrun Golla, Dr. rer. medic. Kim Dillen, Solveig Ungeheuer, Dorthe Hobus, Dr. med. Veronika Dunkl, Sophia Kochs, Dr. paed. Dr. rer. medic. Julia Strupp, Prof. Dr. med. Raymond Voltz

Department of Neurology: Assistant Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Warnke, Dr. med. Yasemin Göreci, Monika Höveler, Beatrix Münzberg, Prof. Dr. med. Gereon R. Fink

Clinical project management (Department of Palliative Medicine): Dr. med. Veronika Dunkl, Dr. rer. medic. Kim Dillen

Project management (Clinical Trials Centre Cologne): Prof. Dr. med. Oliver A. Cornely, Gundula Palmbach, Dr. rer. medic. Daria Kraus

Duration: 08/2020 – 12/2023

Funding institution: Innovation fund, Federal Joint Commitee (G-BA) (funding reference number: 01VSF19029)

Project description

Studies and own clinical experience show that severely affected MS patients and their relatives (hereinafter referred to as caregivers) often lack a continuous coordinating contact person who arranges and defines their needs, advocates for their concerns and takes over control of all coordination tasks. Such tasks can be performed by a so-called "care and case manager". Care and Case Management has already been proven to simplify process control for various patient groups, improve the quality of life and reduce social and healthcare costs. However, these positive effects have not yet been shown for severely affected MS patients and their caregivers.

The aim of this study is to evaluate such a Care and Case Management service in severe MS over a long period of time (in this study 12 months) in social and healthcare matters. The concerns of patients and their caregivers will be taken into account. This will done cross-sectoral, i.e. irrespective of whether patients are under outpatient or inpatient treatment. By conducting this study, we aim to improve the care of MS patients and their caregivers.

This study will be conducted in collaboration with the Department of Neurology. For more information: DRKS00022771

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