Effectiveness of analytical and depth psychotherapy at training institutes using the Alfred-Adler-Institute Aachen-Cologne registered association as example (ATPA)

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A mixed-methods-study

Project lead (Department of Palliative Medicine): Prof. Dr. Heidrun Golla

Project execution (Department of Palliative Medicine): Dr. Kim Dillen

External partner (AAI Aachen-Cologne): Dr. Stefan Nauenheim 

Duration: 01/2022 – 08/2025

Funding institution: own budgets of both institutions

Project description

Psychoanalysis was long considered too costly, lengthy and unscientific. In the meantime, more and more scientific studies on the effectiveness of analytical and depth psychological psychotherapy are appearing, showing significant improvements in mental and physical symptoms, as well as interpersonal problems and an increase in participation in life. However, coping with stressful situations or life events due to, for example, one's own serious illness or in one's social environment or losses due to death in one's social environment have not yet been scientifically investigated. In addition, studies on the effectiveness of depth and analytic psychological psychotherapy have not yet been investigated when the treatments were conducted under supervision at training institutes.

The aim of the study is the external independent evaluation of the psychotherapies offered in the outpatient clinic of the Alfred-Adler-Institute Aachen-Cologne registered association by the Department of Palliative Medicine of the University Hospital Cologne. Based on the data collected, the effectiveness of depth and analytical psychological psychotherapy, conducted by training candidates under supervision, as well as its influence on dealing with serious life events and how this can be optimized, if necessary, will be investigated.

This study is being conducted in collaboration with the AAI. Further information: DRKS00027269